Intuitive Guidance

Let Your Soul Tell You The Truth

An Intuitive Guidance reading can be enormously helpful when it’s time to access information about yourself that you haven’t been able to access using other methods. You might have tried therapy – you might have tried coaching – and all of these things may have been, and are, useful.

But there may still be some deeper, submerged wisdom that needs to come up, and an Intuitive Guidance reading can help bring it to the surface.

In the session we’ll shine a spotlight on what is and what is not working for you currently, support you in understanding why, and help you find clarity about your life and experiences.

What we’re actually doing in a reading is finding, and listening to, your inner voice.

    Your soul already knows what to do.

    Your soul already has all the information and wisdom.

So we’ll lock into that, and hear the truth your soul already knows.

During an Intuitive Guidance Session I connect with and read your energy signature, the field of energy that surrounds your body and contains information about your life, what is unique to you, and how both current and past experiences and lives may be influencing you today.

We’ll look at what is flowing and working well in your life, and also at any areas in which you’re swallowing your truth, or where you’re stifled or blocked.

Readings can offer confirmation and reassurance about your decisions, and can shed increased light upon your life and experiences.

As with coaching, my firm belief is that you carry within you your own answers, as you connect with your own wisdom.

This is your inner voice. We all have one, and an intuitive reading can help you access it.

It can shine a light on what may be holding you back from hearing the wise voice of your own higher self, your own soul.

Ali’s intuitive sessions are like a spring cleaning of the psyche: she helped me clarify my own muddled thoughts and validated my own intuitive sense about a current situation, enabling me to better receive and understand the messages the universe was trying to give me. I love that she’s clear that it’s not her job to give me “the answers,” but that she’s a guide to help open me to my own clarity. I highly recommend!

– Bridgette Boudreau, Master Coach and past-CEO, Martha Beck Inc (Read more testimonials…)

An Intuitive Guidance reading might be a great choice for you if

  • you’re stuck in indecision
  • you’re experiencing chaos around you or within you
  • everything seems erratic and noisy
  • you want to get clear on what you already know, and access the still, small voice within.

A reading can help bring to the surface – to your consciousness – information you already know, but haven’t been able to access. It’s connecting with your inner voice, so you can move forward in confidence and clarity.

Let your soul tell you the truth.

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