Wise and creative, with a willingness to confront the kind of fears that too often remain hidden in the darkened recesses of our minds (for good reason!); these are but a few ways that I would describe Ali.

As a coach, Ali skillfully enters difficult terrain, doing so with grace and an awareness that only someone who is “walking their talk” would possess. For me, Ali has compassionately yet firmly helped hold up a mirror to what is truly happening in my life, challenging me to see beyond that which I have come to understand as truth. She is strong, present, direct and witty as they come.

Ali doesn’t just get you where it is you think you want to go, she moves with you through the process in a deep and soulful way. I am immensely grateful to have had the experience of coaching with her and am confident that others will feel the same.

– L.M., Los Angeles, California

I loved working with Ali as a life coach. It was not therapy; I was not delving into the depths of my soul, creating heartache, but rather working from my higher self, gaining insight into my motives, and reframing my thought processes. It was not only helpful but often joyful.

– M.W., New Orleans, Louisiana

Ali has powers of insight; she seemed to really know how to sort out the complexity of my issues and get me to re-think feeling stuck or to remind me that things can be okay with a fresh perspective.

When I took the time to stop my running around and focus on Ali’s guidance, it afforded me the luxury of really listening.  I drop a lot of information out of my mind usually, but have retained her advice over several months.   

– E.M., Chattanooga, Tennessee

I’ve known and loved Ali for years and began coaching with her because I was eager to continue exploring a brilliant insight she had shared with me socially.

Ali is perfectly suited for life coaching because she is very grounded and honest, as well as sensitive and loving, so when she gives you the information it is easy to understand and relate to. She’s loving and encouraging, yet firm and no-nonsense. She gave me some real tools that I still use regularly.

The most transformative part of this coaching experience for me was learning to recognize thought patterns that block me, also the technique for reading the body’s reaction for guidance.

I would absolutely recommend coaching with Ali – I feel the work she is doing would be beneficial to the whole population!

– N.M., New Orleans, Louisiana

At the time I started working with Ali I was feeling rather lost and stymied creatively, professionally, and financially. Ali came across as someone interested and skilled not only in exploring and honoring my past to the degree it would be helpful, but also in helping me recognize and honor the arcane magic of the universe and my place in it, (notwithstanding doing so by example via her own recent choices), and, finally, in helping me to reconcile all of these and take tangible steps toward growth and fulfillment.

Ali asks brilliantly appropriate and well-timed questions and listens intently and deeply to my responses. The questions seem to me perfectly simple at times and brilliantly insightful and targeted at other times, always hitting the mark (and often, in the best sense, a nerve).

Ali seems to very naturally and immediately process what she hears, and she relates my most revealing words back to me with compassion, and often much later in the conversation, so that my own earlier words suddenly seem like the golden ticket to my own quandaries. At those moments I’m always struck by how much she is listening within “the big picture.”

Ali helps me “clear out a lot of the junk” so that I can learn from my very own words, meaning she guides me in scraping others’ and my own old reflexive voices in my head away, freeing up my deepest desires. She helps me to hear and honor myself, and to identify and make choices to become more fully myself. Again, she does so with great clarity, kindness, and impeccable timing.

Ali is, in my estimation, doing exactly what her innate gifts and life experiences have prepared her to do. This authenticity, combined with her studies and her natural makeup of compassionate toughness, make for efficient and exciting coaching. She has a way of making it clear that today can absolutely be a new beginning. I have left every session energized, confident, and excited about moving forward.

– M.H.C., Denver, Colorado

When I began coaching with Ali I was embarking on directing my first film and was lacking some confidence in taking on this role. I had fears and insecurities that I knew I needed to overcome. I warmed to her immediately on meeting her; she was smart, honest and interesting and I knew straight away that I wanted to hire her.

By the end of my six sessions with Ali I felt ready to take on the world, and had definitely gained the confidence needed to step into my role as a director.

She gave me practical exercises that I still use for getting in touch with what my body is feeling, and allowing bodily intelligence to pass on information to my brain. She also taught me how to break down and re-imagine unhelpful and crippling thoughts.

I enjoy her manner and her intelligence. She is firm and fun and her take on life is unique and interesting. Her advice is sound. I would highly recommend working with Ali; she is a highly skilled life coach.

– H.H., New Zealand and New Orleans



Ali’s intuitive sessions are like a spring cleaning of the psyche: she helped me clarify my own muddled thoughts and validated my own intuitive sense about a current situation, enabling me to better receive and understand the messages the universe was trying to give me. I love that she’s clear that it’s not her job to give me “the answers,” but that she’s a guide to help open me to my own clarity. I highly recommend!

– Bridgette Boudreau, Master Coach and CEO, Martha Beck Inc

A session with Ali is like having the world’s best telephone operator reconnect your deepest wisdom to the most confusing parts of your life. Suddenly what felt cloudy or confounding feels clear. The combination of her intuitive skills and her coaching expertise make her the go-to person for getting unstuck. I highly recommend working with Ali. She rocks!

– Jill Farmer, Master Coach, Author, Speaker

Ali is a triple threat! Not just a coach, but a reader and healer too. My intuitive reading with her not only gave me greater insight and self-awareness but was incredibly encouraging and inspiring. She also gave me very specific grounded suggestions that helped me to focus on taking practical action to create the circumstances I was looking for and, having acted on them, in hindsight, this all turned out to be spot on and helped me make lasting positive changes I’m really happy with. I am very blessed to know Ali. She shares her knowledge and kind heart so generously and continues to be the impetus for new learning and empowering shifts in my life!

– Michelle Ayn Tessensohn, Master Coach, Facilitator and Writer